Thursday, January 3, 2008

People won't

Why do you think President Bush won't use the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve to ease oil prices, as the White House said yesterday. The man is a conservative Republican -- they don't believe in using the power of the government to help everyday people. He's also rich and makes money in the oil business, where profits increase dramatically whenever the price of oil goes up. Weren't voters thinking about this when they voted for the man, some of them twice? Is there a disconnect here? "We have to figure out a way to increase supply here in the United States," White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said Wednesday. Well, that's nonsense. Supply will increase, even in the United States, when the price gets higher. But what about an innovative energy policy that encourages conservation and alternative fuels, which has the added bonus of helping the environment? What about a creative foreign policy that breaks up the OPEC cartel? No, a permanent solution to energy shortages are beyond the capability and desire of the current administration.

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