Monday, January 21, 2008

Calling on Kenya

Maybe former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan of Ghana can figure out what to do to restore civil order and democracy in Kenya and how to get the government and opposition to agree to do it. Annan is due to arrive in Nairobi on Tuesday, and faces a dire situation that only seems to be getting worse. The world has seen police loyal to President Mwai Kibaki -- whose re-election in December has been challenged as rigged by the man he defeated, opposition leader Raila Odinga, and questioned by the United States and Great Britain -- shoot demonstrators in the streets of several cities. Kenyan society is disintegrating along tribal lines, and something must be done to save East Africa's most stable and prosperous democracy. If Kibaki's re-election was, indeed, invalid, as Odinga says, Kibaki needs to be removed from office by whatever pressure the international community can bring. But if the election results were valid, Odinga needs to stop inciting his supporters to demonstrate in the streets and stop provoking the police. Odinga said today that he was the "rightful elected president and that "Kibaki stole his way into power," according to the Reuters international news service. But Odinga and Kibaki have a complicated personal rivalry that could be impacting the unfolding events. Kenya's government has raised formal complaints about interference from Western nations. More demonstrations are planned for Thursday, raising the specter of further violence. More than 650 have been killed and 250,000 displaced since the start of protests after last month's balloting.


Sophie said...

WHY in GODS name is the World not listening to the suffereing Kenyan? And why is the WORLD supporting a "HITLER" strategy being carried out by RAILA ODINGA? Why is the world wanting to disrupt what Kenyans have built in only 5 realy years of POlICAL FREEDOM and democracy!

RAILA ODINGA was never for the development of Kenya and one can see that he has tried to divide Kenya, exactly the same way he and his late Father Hon Jaramogi O. Odinga did in 1982. Unfortunately the "young adults 26-36" have forgotten all this and cannot remember this evil once planted amongs us.

It is very clear that RAILA is not a leader that can preach diversity among the many different ethnical groups in Kenya and Kenya cannot have a confederation because they are not economically stable and id still a third world. If Kenya had not been so financially stable, RAILA would not have staged all this. It is very clear RAILA had found a strong support due to the following:
1. He is a communist and this movement is always seeking for followers. They are well financed.
2. 5 years of Kibaki rule brought the Kenyan shilling very high and Kenya was becoming very fiancially stable... a record it has never reached
3. Kenya was finally democratic, no dictator and the press freedom was expressed over all.
4. Kibaki's goodness and diplomacy of not being evil, and using his fiancial strategy to fiancially atabilize the country first instead of wasting time and the few resources to punish law-breakers and polical lawbreakers like MOI was misused by RAILA as a weakness...
5. The last but the most important... RAILA is a relative of BARRAK OBAMA, a luo by all means and for RAILA, BARRACK OBAMA can support him in this.

ALSO The LUO pride to show off with their realtives can easily be seen here.
IT IS NOT THE MONEY that RAILA wants, IT IS the LUO show.. BARRACK in America and RAILA in Kenya. RAILA cannot make any money.. he can only destroy.. see he even destroyed his own peoples great income of the MUMIAS sugar factory? BIG mouth, proud, jealous like his father but a DO NOTHING! HE could not develop his own peoples area in Kisumu... and Kibera he only gave big talks of free lunches.. not development!

THE WORLD should stop supporting RAILA and RAILA should be arrested and accussed as a law breaker.
HOW will the LUOS that have married so many Kikuyus live tomorrow with their families? How will the kalenjins and Kissis, that have married so many Luos live with their families. RAILA shame of you to be a HITLER that could not even be LOVED in Germany.
From Sophie Chemtai Ouma (Merseburg Germany)

Anonymous said...

Sorry sophia for being so annoyed at what you think RAILA is. Not much good can be said of KIBAKI and his cronies. But have you posed and asked yourself why so many Kenyans voted for him? Are we all fools? When is the last time you were home? did you go to Luo land or your birthhome? You most likely flew and didnt face the plight many Kenyans face just to go home!!

ALL THE BAD THINGS YOU SAY ABOUT RAILA DOES NOT JUSTIFY HIS VOTES BEING STOLEN. All of us who voted for Raila and some who are not comfortable using stolen property feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

How do you know the votes were stolen?