Monday, January 14, 2008

Contempt for Congress

So, it turns out that Jose Rodriguez, the former CIA official said to have made the decision to destroy the infamous interrogation videotapes, will not testify before Congress on Wednesday, as expected. No, he has been "excused" from appearing, his lawyer told the Reuters international news service today, because he would not answer questions unless he was granted immunity. Hmmm. Wasn't Rodriguez subpoenaed by the House Intelligence Committee, and doesn't that compel him to testify? Rodriguez was the head of the CIA's clandestine branch in 2005 when the tapes, said to show the use of waterboarding on two suspected al-Qaida members, were destroyed. Rodriguez retired from the agency this month. The CIA revealed the existence of hundreds of hours of videotapes, and their destruction, last month, prompting investigations by the Justice Department and by Congress. CIA lawyer John Rizzo is the only person expected to testify at Wednesday's closed-door hearing, Reuters said.

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