Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Same as the old boss

Does anyone really think it makes any difference that Bush senior adviser Karl Rove is leaving the White House? Judging from the noise in the newspapers and on the airwaves, political pundits think Rove's resignation is a watershed event in the closing months of the Bush administration. But there's no reason to think that anything has changed beyond the obvious. Rove won't have an office in the White House. But he'll still have unlimited access to the president, anytime time he wants, and he'll no doubt still be advising Bush. He'll probably get a contract to provide advice to Bush at a much higher rate of pay than being on the White House payroll. Of course, it could be that even Bush's loyalist supporters are deserting the foundering ship. Wouldn't that be nice, even if it's eight years too late.

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Anonymous said...

Be serious. Rove's leaving the White House is a very big deal. Bush's longtime friends are bailing on the guy.