Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Proper gander

The problem with the military and the White House engaging in such conduct is that it's propaganda. Sure, we all expect a little of that -- let's face it, politics today is about the public's perception. Why do you think everybody you know who's in the public eye, including government officials, have publicists or PR people -- sometimes lots of them. But to tell a clear lie, that Pat Tillman died in a firefight with insurgents in Afghanistan, for the purpose of elevating the perception of the war effort at home and attacting more volunteers -- well, that's just plain despicable. If the war is a just cause, it's a just cause. It does not require lying to keep it going. Of course, I write this after watching former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld testify before Congress today about what happened in the aftermath of Tillman's death. Does anyone miss seeing Rumsfeld on the nightly news?

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