Wednesday, August 29, 2007

190 billion reasons why

The Washington Post reports today that the White House will be asking for $50 billion more for the war in Iraq, on top of the $140 billion already in its pending supplemental funding bill, on top of the $460 billion already in the 2008 defense budget. The newspaper says administration insiders think Congress will not be able to block the money while the report on the troop surge in Iraq is being digested. Apparently, the report will advocate continuing the surge while progress is being made. Gee, it would be hard to think of what else a little of that money could be used for. But, of course, with these jokers in power, there's no money to do the right things in the deficit-wracked federal government. Funny how the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina just passed. Remember New Orleans?


visioner said...
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