Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Welcome to the club

Did you see Robert Scheer's syndicated column today? Scheer refers to George W. Bush as "our idiot president" and accuses him of "extreme irrationality" and "utter moral depravity." Well, where's he been? Didn't he realize from the get-go that GWB's presidency was going to be like this? Of course, it was very hard to predict how bad it was going to get, what with the U.S. reputation (and dollar) in the toilet because of our poor conduct in Iraq. But appointing cretins (albeit highly educated and accomplished) to the Supreme Court, putting Cheney in charge of everything, fighting unnecessary wars -- that was easy to anticipate. After all, his dad's mentor, Ronald Reagan, is a hero to most of the country. How do you figure that?


eclaire said...

It's easy to call names and then absolve yourself of having to do something. We keep underestimating the ability and shrewness of our President. I certainly have no love for him or his policies but let's be real. He was able to get elected as Governor of texas and as President. Hardly small accomplishments.Perhaps if he took him seriously he would not have been abk=le to get away with such terible policies, supported by both parties.
I don't hear anything intelligent and consistent from any of the candidtates running today.
The biggest problem is that we don't hear from real people at all--only what writers put in their mouths.

jerseycindy said...

I agree that Bush has a social intelligence (AKA charisma) of sorts, but IMO a person can have a likeable personality and still not be too bright. Reagan had tons of charisma and wasn't too bright either. The fact that both of these dimwits were able to get elected president isn't evidence of their intelligence but proof that Americans are, in general, a gullible lot.
As for not hearing from real people, there are a few, but the sheep are afraid of "wasting" their vote so they vote for the polished politicians instead. Dennis Kucinich doesn't have a whole lot of pizzazz but I believe that every word out of his mouth is genuine. Maybe give him a listen even though he's a bit awkward. I dunno... I don't even agree with half of what he says but he's earnest and his heart is in the right place and that ought to count for a lot. Sad thing is, people talk about wanting honesty and integrity in their leaders but they wind up voting for the ones with the best PR but then they blame a truly honorable man like Ralph Nader for causing their particular "real candidate" to lose the election.