Saturday, July 21, 2007

Half-day in court

So, a federal judge in D.C. has dismissed the lawsuit filed against members of the Bush administration by CIA operative Valerie Plame and her husband, former ambassador Joe Wilson, over the government's public disclosure of her identity as an agent in apparent retaliation for Wilson's public criticism of the campaign leading up to the Iraq war. While the judge, a Bush appointee, acknowledged that Plame might have raised some legitimate questions about the government's conduct, he concluded that the officials who leaked the information to the press were acting in the regular roles as government employees and thus could not be sued. This is the case that got Scooter Libby in trouble, before Bush commuted his sentence, and aroused suspicion about the roles of Vice President Cheney and presidential advisor Karl Rove. Of course, a civil trial like the one filed by Plame and Wilson could have helped answer a lot of the questions everyone still has about the Bush administration's role in outing the agent, which is a federal crime, and in trying to silence its critics across the country. The judge copped out, so to speak, by dismissing the case on jurisdictional grounds and not agreeing to examine the merits of the case. The dismissal would have been a summary adjudication of the issue, possibly with a hearing but certainly without a trial. It seems to me that this is a matter of significant importance, with the possibility of traumatic consequences, and should be heard. Maybe it will. I heard today that Plame and Wilson plan to appeal the dismissal.


Anonymous said...

Just a note to say Pakistan needs a strongman like Pres Musharraf. Having him deposed by a 'democratic' government would be the biggest disaster to befall the West and all sane Muslims globally.

The reason? Simple. A democratically elected government where the majority of the population is uneducated and a rising proportion is 'brainwashed' to be sympathetic to the Taliban and rightist Islamic nutcases is inevitably going to be run by the mullahs. You think Iran is bad? You ain't seen nothin' yet! The uneducated mullahs and their proteges and flock will easily outdo any craziness Iran could ever contemplate or dream up.

So let Musharraf stay in charge and keep that simmering pot under control. If anything we neded to increase our support to him dso he stays!

signed: Patriotic American who was born in Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

Is that really what we want? Another military dictatorship? Isn't what Bush is doing to this country bad enough?