Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bad news is bad news

The new National Intelligence Estimate assessing the likelihood of terrorist attacks against the United States is out and, according to our top spy agencies, is not good news. The war in Iraq has exacerbated the threat against our country from Islamic extremists and the war in Afghanistan has not severely damaged al-Qaida. It looks to me like the Iraq adventure has distracted just enough of America's attention and resources from the real war against al-Qaida in Afghanistan to imperil both of these efforts. Well, it's not over yet and things still could work out for the better for all of the countries involved. But something appears to have gone seriously amiss -- the cheerleading from the White House notwithstanding. Hopefully, somebody in the administration -- high up in the administration -- has some idea of what to do. Maybe we should stop coddling that military dictator in Pakistan -- you know, the one who always lets the bad guys get away at the last minute -- and help restore its duly elected government.

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