Saturday, December 22, 2007

Stating the obvious

Today's revelation that the chairmen of the old Sept. 11 commission now believe the CIA was actively trying to obstruct their investigation by refusing to disclose the existence of interrogation videotapes of suspected al-Qaida terrorists raises some paralyzing questions. Foremost, of course, is what were the intelligence agencies trying to cover up? Was it merely the use of aggressive techniques, such as waterboarding, that officials were afraid to reveal? Or was it something more sinister? But wait, there are more things to ponder, like what are we going to do about it? Our elected representatives and sworn officials are going to have to take this seriously and start prosecuting the serial liars who run this country. The conduct of the Bush administration has demonstrated repeatedly that the structure of the U.S. government is severely atrophied and has concentrated far too much power in the executive branch. While that no doubt has made the government easier to operate, leaving legislators more time to raise money for campaigning and bureaucrats more time to do whatever it is that bureaucrats do, it has created the situation where a foolish, poorly educated man with smart, calculating friends can run roughshod over the nation's fundamental laws and values.

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