Friday, March 20, 2009

Obama gets into trouble on Tonight Show

Why all the fuss about President Barack Obama's appearance on the Tonight Show? So, the president went on a TV talk show, as reported by the Associated Press, but presidents have been known to go on television from time to time. Sure, he shouldn't have said the thing about the Special Olympics -- at least it was funny, if in bad taste -- but that's hardly worth getting all excited about. Plus, he apologized to people who took it too personally. No, the crap that has been stirred up about it is being fomented by the same fools who are getting on his case about everything, especially the incredibly bad shape the economy was in when George W. Bush left office. Right, George W. Bush -- remember him? His government is the one that took its hands off the regulatory steering wheel and set the economy on its collision course. Is that the same guy whose emergency agencies left the people of the Gulf Coast to starve in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina? Yes. Is that the same guy who declared "mission accomplished" in Iraq in 2003 even though it wasn't true and 140,000 U.S. troops are still there? Yes again. It's about time the nation's supposedly educated pro-Republican political leaders and pundits find their ways back to a semblance of intellectual honesty. The United States has just emerged from eight years of governance by one of the worst administrations ever, and it's going to take some time to fix everything.

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BruceS said...

"We,the people" chose Mr. Obama as our President to hopefully lead our great country to at least a semblance of integrity, honesty and a more transparent government. We recognized and repudiated the willful, greed inspired, administration of George W. Bush that threatened not only the moral credability but perhaps true bankruptsy of the USA.
Please continue your well stated commentary, Nate.