Friday, February 6, 2009

Pakistan frees disgraced nuclear scientist

Just in case anyone was seduced into thinking the return to sanity in the United States meant the same for the world comes news from Islamabad that Pakistan has released a scientist who confessed to selling nuclear technology to Iran, North Korea and Libya in 2004. Pakistan's High Court ended five years on house arrest for Abdul Qadeer Kahn on Friday, ruling there was no evidence of any illegal activity, according to Ali Zafar, Kahn's attorney, the Reuters international news service reported. Kahn, considered the father of Pakistan's atomic bomb, was accused by the United Nations of leading a proliferation network that was active in 12 countries. The United States imposed sanctions on 13 people and three companies because of their involvement in that network, Reuters said. But Khan said he was pleased with his contribution to Pakistan's security. "I will always be proud about what I did for Pakistan," he told reporters, according to Reuters. "I am obliged to answer only to my government, not to any foreigners." Pakistan has blocked foreign investigators from interviewing Kahn, saying it had passed on all relevant information about his network. But U.S. and international nuclear experts still want to question him, Reuters said.

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