Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chavez unhinged

Is Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez losing it for real? It sure seems so today after the firebrand Socialist leader accused CNN of trying to incite his murder and, in an unrelated matter, cut diplomatic relations with next-door Colombia. Chavez is notorious in the West for his incendiary rhetoric, including calling President Bush the "devil" at the United Nations, and for being told to "shut up" by the Spanish king at a European conference. Not that the man isn't under extreme pressure; he is trying to convinced his country's voters to pass a referendum allowing him to stay in office indefinitely, and the vote is expected to be close. Chavez lashed out at CNN after the cable network mistakenly showed his picture over the words "Who Killed Him" that was supposed to be shown with a story about slain Detroit Lions defensive back Sean Taylor. The break with Colombia came after Colombian President Alvaro Uribe removed Chavez as a mediator in negotiations with leftist rebels. The countries share a 1,380-mile border. Uribe is the U.S.' closest ally in South America, according to the Associated Press.

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