Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sneaking around

Good to hear that President Bush was able to sneak into Iraq and meet with his advisers and speak to the troops on his way to Australia. After five years and billions upon billions of dollars, at least it is safe enough for the president and his staff to slip into Anbar Province under cover of darkness. Is it me, or is it strange to consider that progress? The president's men and woman also appear to have agreed on what the result of the long Iraq reassessment is going to be, even before the reports have been written. We're staying in full force with the surge continuing into next year, and the independent reports be damned. Why, the White House even intervened to soften the Government Accountability Office's report on how badly the Iraqi government is doing. Sheesh. On another different but perversely similar topic, I was glad to hear that Sen. Larry Craig has decided not to resign from the U.S. Senate and instead to fight his conviction on a disorderly conduct for allegedly soliciting a police officer for sex in a men's room in Minneapolis. He could actually be innocent. Then again, we also might get to hear some juicy details about his past sexual conduct.

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